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We have always been fascinated by the Marijuana plant ever since we first laid our eyes on them. In addition to posessing special powers, the marijuana plant is a fascinating specimen to look at. The different leaf colors, resin and bud colors and hairs always take my breath away no matter what kind of Marijuana it is.

If you have made your way here, you are most likely in the same boat as we are. You love to look at pictures of big buds, small buds, indoor plants and outdoor plants. It doesn't matter, we are all intreagued by the marijuana plant and now it is time to look at some pictures.

Marijuana Buds

Perhaps the most interesting part of the Marijuana plant for me are the actual buds the plant produces. The buds are the most incredible things I have ever seen. Some with orange hairs, some with purple. Some have white hairs and are loaded with resin. It seems that whenever I think I have seen them all, a new marijuana plant comes my way. And, now that we have the internet, we can look at pictures of Marijuana plants whenever we want to. With places like Grow Kind and others, finding pictures of marijuana to look at is no longer a problem.

The Marijuana Leaf

Another fascinating part of the Marijuana plant are the leaves. The leaves vary according to species. The long narrower, more defined leaves of the cannabis Sativa plant are usually lighter in color and have much more definition. On the other hand, the leaves of the Indica plants are dark, fat and sometimes bear no resemblence to the other leaves growing around it. Many times, if you are lucky, the leaves themselves are covered in resin and will reflect light all over. Pictures showing close up views of Marijuana plants can show you detail that you would not normally see with the naked human eye.

Enough! Let's See Some PICTURES!